Emily Johnson

Customer Concierge & Digital Marketing
Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Customer Concierge & Digital Marketing

Emily is the face and voice of MOD REALTY HQ.
Her warm, welcoming smile and bright energy is uplifting for the customers and the MOD family. The feedback from our customers; “we always look forward to coming into the office, knowing we will be seeing Emily”.
Emily is a digital marketing wiz. Her creativity is endless and she puts 100% dedication into ensuring MOD properties are promoted professionally to achieve outstanding results for our customers.
Emily is loved by everyone within our team and our community. Her smile and positivity is infectious, enhancing our MOD culture at all times.
Emily has Aussie slang down perfectly and tells us she can be a great ocker.
Here’s some examples of Emily’s ocker language:
Shocked – “cripes”
Job completed – “no worries”, giving you a big thumbs up and nod of the head
Receives an unusual email or phone call – “jeepers”
Given a task – “on it”

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